Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6th Merry Christmas!

I want to thank everyone that participated in the prayer exercise last night!

What a glorious experience to be able to unite in faith and prayer with others in praying for the return of the Lord of the Vineyard and his servants!

I think we need to continue to petition the Lord as a group from time to time in addition to each of us continually petitioning the Lord!

I am going to be providing a break down of my interpretation of section 65 within the next week. Even though it is an extremely short revelation.. it is filled with information.

Despite the short notice given, I had numerous first time visitors (and/or first time commenters) and a record number of page views.

There were obviously several people who joined in with us last night even though they are not really familiar with what this blog is about. I apologize to those that sent replies that I blocked. It is not because I am against free speech, it is because I didn't want to confuse other first time visitors about the three watch doctrine that this site teaches and I didn't want last nights exercise to become a platform for promoting contrary doctrinal beliefs.

I am actually going to post the blocked comments in a new post and explain why I do not agree with the doctrines promoted... and I will invite those that posted them to provide their doctrinal/scriptural reasons for they they believe the way they do.

I think it is wonderful that we all share in the belief that the Lord and his servants are going to return even if we are not in a unity of the faith about the details and how all of this is going to take place.. that is part of the reason they need to return.. to bring us all into a unity of the faith!

Again, thanks to Tom for the idea and for everyone that participated... have a Merry Christmas!

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TruthSeekerToo said...

Thanks Tom! It was wonderful to involve my young children in something so important. A great teaching opportunity.

Have a joyful day celebrating Christ, everyone!

Watcher, I look forward to your posts.