Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done"

Recently I have been pondering how the 3rd watch and the day of the Lord is going to begin and what signs wonders, if any will accompany the return of Gods servants. I just got done doing key word searches having to do with the shaking of the heavens and the earth and with the sounding of a trump.

I am feeling very anticipatory

The 2nd Chapter of Ether warns the Gentiles to repent BEFORE the FULNESS of his wrath comes.

And this cometh unto you, O ye aGentiles, that ye may know the decrees of God—that ye may repent, and not continue in your iniquities until the fulness come, that ye may not bring down the fulness of the bwrath of God upon you as the inhabitants of the land have hitherto done. Ether 2: 11

I certainly hope this repentance takes place in a global way among the Gentiles.

A little further in Ether we are informed that the sealed portion cannot even come forth in the 3rd watch UNTIL the righteous portion of the Gentiles have repented of their iniquity;

For the Lord said unto me: They shall not go forth unto the Gentiles until the day that they shall repent of their iniquity, and become clean before the Lord. Ether 4: 6

Are we not the remnants of Israel who are identified among the Gentiles? Is not the absence of the sealed portion clear evidence that we have not yet, as a group repented?

My dear friend Tom (the same guy that told me about the James Cox seminar years ago) called today to tell me he had read my last post on the Allegory. He then asked when my next installment on the allegory was coming out.

That kind of took me by surprise because I wasn’t necessarily planning on doing more posts on it… but I kind of got the impression that Tom had an idea of what I should post about…

As the conversation progressed, Tom brought up one of his favorite topics… that of praying for the Savior and his servants to return.

This topic has been a reoccurring theme of Toms for about as long as I can remember. He is always talking about the power of prayer and the biology of belief and the importance of praying for the return of the Savior.

Tom works in the health care industry and he is always comforting the patients he comes in contact with. Whenever the spirit prompts him, (which is often) he testifies of Christ and of the power of faith and the power of prayer.

Recently he talked to someone about praying for the return of the Savior and that person, who is a strong member of the Church, who has served in high places said that praying for the return of the Savior was a new concept to him.

This person that Tom spoke with is in a study group with some rather famous, high profile Church members, one of whom writes books about success and positive habits and another person who has been a very popular BYU professor of religious studies and has lectured extensively about Joseph Smith, and Church History, etc. So this friend of Tom’s mentions this very new concept about praying for the return of the Savior to his study group and apparently he got a similar reply from them! The members of the study group felt it was a new concept!

Perhaps that is one of the most powerful differences between the “prophetic world view” of us “third watch” watchers and our other LDS brethren and sisters.

We see a need for group repentance and group deliverance and therefore we pray for the return of the Lord of the Vineyard and His Servants and the return of the kingdom so that the stone can begin rolling forth yet many of our other LDS brothers and sisters feel that all is well in Zion. (Perhaps they believe that Zion is already established in SLC Utah) and that the kingdom is already here, and that the stone began rolling forth 180+ years ago.. no wonder they don’t feel a sense of urgency to pray for the return of the Kingdom!

It sometimes seems a little lonely when you begin to see the hidden treasures in the scriptures.. but there are actually quite a few of us kicking around that are yearning for the light to shine forth.

Tom is just one of many people I know that is crying in his heart day and night for deliverance. Tom has a very close friend named Louie that shares Tom’s passion about praying for the kingdom. I have another dear friend named Brian who is a very talented construction supervisor that I work for who is always talking, thinking and praying about the return of the Lord and his servants.

Mr. and Mrs Malachi are also always praying for deliverance and Eric, another friend… so are some of my children.

There are many others I have met over the years that share this same yearning.

In addition to these people that I have personally known for a long time, this blog has enabled me to digitally meet others who are seeing the distinction between the “two watches” doctrine vs the “three watches” doctrine and are praying for the kingdom to come.

I sense that some of you are really yearning for the Marvelous Work to begin and for the stone to begin rolling forth as well.

But getting back to the conversation with Tom… he keeps stressing the importance of our part in this amazing event that is about to take place… on the part of us mortals on this side of the veil.

He seems to feel that the Lord and his Servants need to have some mortals on this earth that are yearning and praying for their return before they are going to return.

Is it possible that we have an important responsibility? Is it possible that we play a role in the return of the Lord of the Vineyard and his servants to the vineyard?

The prophet Joseph smith made the following comment;

Men and angels are to be co-workers in bringing to pass this great work…” TPJS page 84

Obviously that comment had an application to the beginning of the foundation movement back in the 1830’s, but it also has an application in the 3rd watch.

It is kind of exciting to think that even though the main laborers of the 3rd watch were called in the 2nd watch and will be returning, (possibly as angels.. possibly as morals... possibly as translated being..) there are still going to be mortals that work in conjunction with them when they return… but are we supposed to simply wait until they show up or are we supposed to participate in getting them here?

One of my favorite stories regarding the LDS foundation movement is the one about Brother and Sister Newel K Whitney sho had been members of one of the Sidney Rigdon congregation in the kirtland area.

Newell K. and Ann Whitney were drawn to the movement because its "principles seemed most in accordance with the Scriptures

During that time Newell and Ann had a vision one evening;

Ann recalled;

" We had been praying to know from the Lord how we could obtain the gift of the Holy Ghost. My husband, Newel K. Whitney, and myself, were Campbellites. We had been baptized for the remission of our sins, and believed in the laying on of hands and the gifts of the spirit. But there was no one with authority to confer the Holy Ghost upon us. We were seeking to know how to obtain the spirit and the gifts bestowed upon the ancient saints.

Sister Eliza Snow was also a Campbellite. We were acquainted before the restoration of the gospel to the earth. She, like myself, was seeking for the fullness of the gospel. She lived at the time in Mantua.

One night- it was midnight- as my husband and I, in our house at Kirtland, were praying to the father to be shown the way, the spirit rested upon us and a cloud overshadowed the house.

It was as though we were out of doors. The house passed away from our vision. We were not conscious of anything but the presence of the spirit and the cloud that was over us.

We were wrapped in the cloud. A solemn awe pervaded us. We saw the cloud and we felt the spirit of the Lord.

Then we heard a voice out of the cloud saying:

Prepare to receive the word of the Lord, for it is coming!

At this we marveled greatly; but from that moment we knew that the word of the Lord was coming to Kirtland.”

Shortly after that, Sidney Rigdon took the LDS missionaries to his various congregations, which was probably how they were first introduced in Kirtland.

Of the missionaries' visit Ann later wrote:

"When I heard that these Elders were preaching without money, or remuneration of any kind, ... and that they were opposed to all priestcraft, I felt an earnest desire to hear their principles proclaimed, and to judge for myself."

Ann believed the elders' message was true. She shared it with her husband, telling him she planned on being baptized into the new faith. Newel asked her to wait until he had a chance to feel the same conviction, but Ann could not wait and was baptized a few days before her husband in November 1830.

About two months after Newell and Ann were baptized the prophet Joseph Smith who they had not yet personally met, walked into their store.

Ann Whitney later recorded this event:

"Joseph Smith, with his wife, Emma, ... drove up in front of my husband's store; Joseph jumped out and went in; he reached his hand across the counter to my husband, and called him by name. My husband, not thinking it was any one in whom he was interested, spoke, saying: 'I could not call you by name as you have me.' He answered;

'I am Joseph the Prophet; you have prayed me here, now what do you want of me?'

My husband brought them directly to our own house; we were more than glad to welcome them and share with them all the comforts and blessings we enjoyed."

I know there are lots of people who are, like the Whitney’s, yearning and praying for the gift of the Holy Ghost and the return of God’s authorized Servants.

What would it be like if Joseph the Seer or Sidney the Spokesman knocked on your door and said;

“Hello, I am Joseph the Seer, you have prayed me here, now what do you want?”

In the beginning of the foundation movement the Lord made the following declaration;

"And there are none that doeth good except those who are ready to receive the fulness of my gospel, which I have sent forth unto this generation." D&C 35: 12

I rather suspect that we are in the same situation just prior to the beginning of the 3rd watch. We need to be ready to receive the fulness of the Gospel!

So what entails being ready to receive the fulness of the Gospel?

It seems to me that we should be searching and treasuring up the word of God, seeking the promptings of the Holy Ghost and praying for the Fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the Gift of the Holy Ghost and for the Kingdom to come!

Oh, but I keep wandering… back to Tom… he keeps stressing that those of us that believe in the return of the Lord and his servants and in the Marvelous Work that is about to come forth, need to be exercising faith in mighty prayer in a united way.

There really is something in the power of two or more people that unite in prayer. There is even more power in lots of people who are united in prayer.

So… for those of you who would be interested, in uniting in prayer with others, Mrs Watcher and myself and Mr. and Mrs Malachi, and Tom and others are inviting all those who would like to unite with us in prayer, to do so. It doesn’t matter where you live, we can all still be united in prayer in our hearts and minds.

The purpose of the prayer is to obey the command given in the Lords prayer which is to pray for the kingdom to come.

After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Matt 6:10

We will be doing this tomorrow night. Sunday evening April 5th (The real Christmas Eve) during the 2nd Watch (between 9 and 12 PM). Although we will probably be praying multiple times during those hours, there will be a designated time of 9 PM for those who can focus your energies at that time.

Those who are “night owls” may want to pray again at midnight like the Whitneys did. We are in MST for that feel the need to synchronize in the time zone you are in.


NEPT said...

Count me in!

A few weeks ago in EQ meeting, one of the EQ pres was teaching about Zion, but in the contemporary sense that is misconstrued from its meaning in the scriptures. I added my two cents that Zion is much more literal than what was being discussed; that there were places designated by the Lord for his people, Zion would not be moved, and that one day those lands would be reclaimed. I also mentioned that we should be praying collectively for this to happen.

I found the response rather interesting. There was a universal feeling that I was getting ahead of myself, that Zion would come in due time when the saints had properly prepared for it, but at this time, we have so many things we need to do before Zion comes again. In essence, the saints would bring Zion themselves!

I wanted to shout, "Zion is coming, whether you are ready or not, so you best be ready!" Instead, I nodded and went back to reading the lesson manual.

Such is the life.

Younger Dude said...

I have never even considered praying for the kingdom to come. I still feel very new and unfamiliar with a lot of these concepts. It honestly makes me nervous to think about praying for the servants to return - mostly cause I am not sure what that entails. The first time I read about Joseph returning, just like OWIW said, I imagined him coming and knocking on my door or something - lol. If this is all really going to happen - how and when is it all gonna go down? I guess it may be time to go reread the third watch posts.

Someone who is watching said...

Younger Dude

I realize this must seem very strange indeed to you. No problem if you don't feel a need to participate.


A good section to review for tomorrow would be section 65. It is an inspired prayer given to JS pertaining to the return of the one who is "mighty" that comes to prepare the way of the Lord in the 3rd Watch.

Note verse 2 which reveals that the same men to who the keys of the Kingdom were initially given in the 2nd watch will be the ones from which the gospel stone will roll forth at the appointed time.

Note also the last verse which seems to be a modern day version of the commandment in the Lords prayer... to pray for the Kingdom to come.

Troy said...

Count me and the wife in...

TruthSeekerToo said...

I am feeling giddy and I'm trembling and near tears. This is so perfect. We're in!

I have been pondering in the past week the idea of "servants" knocking on my door. Anyone from the Three Nephites to Sidney, but any servant will do. LOL It is too ironic to see others have that same thought!

I've been anxious for April 6th. I am hoping for signs or something significant. I think the timing of a united prayer is wonderful.

The idea of praying for the Kingdom to come is not new to me. I'm sure I learned it in seminary. I am suprised that it is new to so many others.
However, I think it is scary to most because most FEAR it. It is only because I am finally starting to understand the LOVE and mercy of the Great Jehovah that I can pray for these things.

I have also been thinking about the repentance that must happen. I keep wondering if a portion of believers will come to realize the state we are in and repent for not living the higher law. I don't know. I'm just trying to figure it all out.

NEPT-I am having a similar difficult time with the various lessons on Zion. All the talk about Zion being wherever you are, etc.

Funny story:
I was watching conference at my mom's today and there was a statement (during break) about the trump of the archangel and Brother Joseph. I excitedly told my mom that that was important! I was so excited. I said, "he is coming back, millions will know Brother Joseph again!" She was very on board with the idea.

The segment was about the Joseph Smith Papers Project. Can I just say how badly I want to see those journals and papers!?!?! Trying real hard not to be jealous.

Someone who is watching said...

This is awesome!

When I made the post, I was hoping for at least a quorum of seven.

We now have a quorum of twelve+


Younger Dude said...

Truthseeker, you said:

"I have also been thinking about the repentance that must happen. "

I'm not sure to what degree I can offer up a heartfelt prayer for the kingdom to come, but I will join in by repenting during that time - LOL. Hopefully that will advance the cause.

This is way more interesting than conference has been.

Someone who is watching said...


You said;

"I have been pondering in the past week the idea of "servants" knocking on my door. Anyone from the Three Nephites to Sidney, but any servant will do. LOL It is too ironic to see others have that same thought!"

Thank you for reminding us that the Three Nephites play a very significant role in the opening up of the Marvelous Work.

It appears that in fact it is there privilege to be able to appear to whom they please.

cds said...

Love reading all your posts and gets me excited too. Just a quick mention of how understanding the 3 watches make watching conference fun too, to see the comments made in context of having this understading or not. I thought it was interesting to see the new apostle Elder Anderson, talk about how we are living during the MWW and a couple of other comments that made it known that he is not aware of the 3 watches and how they will play out. Don't get me wrong I'm not worthy to sniff these men's shoes, I am so much more short of what I should be compared to them, so it's not critism just an observation.

Someone who is watching said...


I was having some similar thoughts as you... and like you, not really in the spirit of being critical because I see my own weaknesses so vividly... I appreciate that fact that everyone plays a part and is doing the best they is just that I seem to have a heightened awareness of what is being emphasized and the words that are used.

It seems the admonitions were mainly centered around believing more, and trying harder, and becoming more active, as apposed to becoming born again, experiencing the baptism of fire, living consecration and redeeming Zion... etc.

But I must say that after studying the allegory, I feel much more love and compassion for EVERYONE and for the Church organization in general because I have a much more profound respect for the important role it plays even in these times, in mystically keeping the roots alive... so that the servants can return and begin the MWW.

I feel the allegory has made the act of watching more exquisite for me.

TruthSeekerToo said...

Amen, Watcher!

I just wanted to mention that I plan on including sacred hymns in our prayer meeting tonight.
I have been through our hymnal and there are many very appropriate hymns centered on Zion. Many of them included in the first hymn book.

Sometimes songs express what mere words simply can't.

dan said...

I regularly pray for "thy kingdom come". That we might see and recognize the spokesman. that I might be a tool myself.

that thr time might come when a remnant is prepared in power.

We're so in. wish i'd read this earlier to spread the word.

thanks, Dan

dan said...

I sent an email out, and posted it on my blog (though noone reads it!) regards and god speed.

Someone who is watching said...


We appreciate having your additional prayer power!


Hymns are a great idea... Mr. Malachi is a former member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir 1988-1992... he and Mrs. Malachi will be singing along with you.. in spirit...

sometimes they condescend and allow Mrs. Watcher and I to sing with them.

dan said...

I sent an email and put it on my blog. several others have joined, and I expect more. Thanks for this, and we should do it more often. dan

Someone who is watching said...

Thank you for spreading the word Dan!

That brings us to at least 24 people that will be participating that I am aware of.

What a great exercise in focusing faith as a group of believers practicing unity.

Sorry I didn't give people more notice but it was just kind of a spare of the moment suggestion that Tom made...

Thanks Tom!

Anonymous said...

Remember it is the "Political" Kingdom of God that is coming. It will have the ability to make and enforce laws that respect all men and their freedoms.

Joseph Smith received a revelation for this kingdom and it's currently in the church archives. I've tried to get a copy of it, but it's with the papers dealing with the Council of 50 and apparently unavailable for viewing.

I have no doubt, that when the time is right, men of God, not necessarily within the LDS church, will establish this kingdom. It will be shortly thereafter that the church itself will be set in order.

I will join you in prayer tonight.



Cub said...

I'll be praying as well. This is a completely foreign concept to me, but in my quest for truth I am trying to be open to all possibilities right now.

Malachi said...

We think this is a fabulous idea! What a way to celebrate the true Christmas Eve! What better gift could we offer our Savior than contrite hearts united in prayer for the return of His servants, and the establishment of the cause of Zion. Which must come before His kingdom can come! Zion has been on our minds and in our hearts for as long as we can remember! But, with our continued study of the scriptures for truth we are beginning to see a much bigger picture of the process of the Servants role and the work that must be done in preparing the way! Thanks to OWIW and his Mrs. Truth at all cost continues to be the driving force behind our study and searching! We will be singing and praying with the rest of you!
Mrs. Malachi

Mrs Watcher said...

What a humbling experience to be praying for the servants of the 2nd Watch to return.

We know we must be purified as silver. We recognize how dross we are, and yet, through the atonement, and the promise of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost we gain courage that we can go through all that is required of us.

I'm grateful to know that by Grace we are saved and that we can ask for more faith over and over as we go through more purifying experiences and continue to need more faith.

Israel must be saved by faith.

I'm grateful for God's kindnesses, I'm grateful for other believers in our Savior praying for the fulfillment of His Word.

I love you guys.

Mrs. Watcher

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying as well

Some of them might already be in our midst.And we know them not, waiting like sleeping giants.

I cant even fathom what the Fulness will be like. But I know this, unlike the Terrestrial Law where it matters what you bring to the table. Where as Celestial Law, alls that matters is that we bring to the table.

I love this quote, cant remember where it came from.
The weakest links makes the strongest chain. Its so true if you think about it. We not may be perfect, and the Lord knows that, but together we can be perfect.

Courage if dissected whats the main cause. Rage...nah Age..maybe
Co=leaders...getting warmer
U=Unity...Thats where true courage comes from.
United we stand, Divided we fall.
No matter how big or small.
We can conquer fear.
Just if we answer the call.
Holding on to the Iron Rod.
Things can become clear.
Guiding us to avoid fraud.
Because now we know that the....
KINGDOM is near!

NEPT said...

Merry Christmas, all!

hell Raising Love Monster said...

In reading this post, the words of President Benson came to mind.

"Now, in the authority of the sacred priesthood in me vested, I invoke my blessing upon the Latter-day Saints and upon good people everywhere.

I bless you with increased discernment to judge between Christ and anti-Christ. I bless you with increased power to do good and to resist evil. I bless you with increased understanding of the Book of Mormon. I promise you that from this moment forward, if we will daily sup from its pages and abide by its precepts, God will pour out upon each child of Zion and the Church a blessing hitherto unknown—AND WE WILL PLEAD TO THE LORD THAT HE WILL BEGIN TO LIFT THE CONDEMNATION—the scourge and judgment. Of this I bear solemn witness."

Risking sounding like I am mocking the community prayer for the return of the servants, I say that this all sounds like waiting for Santa to appear at the Christmas ward parties that I go to every year (almost). There is a lot of anticipation and excitement among the children while we adults yawn, and look at our watches wishing we could go home.

Part of the "blessing hitherto unknown" will be that we will "plead to have the condemnation lifted". In other words, we will awaken to a remembrance of our awful situation, and how we have been seduced to participate in the spoils of the gadianton robbers.

Prayers that will really bring the servants here will be those that come from hearts and minds that are exercised in discerning between Christ and Antichrist. They will come from people who realize that they have been overcome by the beast. They will come from people who have tried and failed to live without receiving benefits from that beast. They will come from the poor of the earth who refuse to partake of such benefits; who have not been "seduced to participate" in those benefits (See Heleman 6). They will come from people like those who escaped from the clutches of King Noah, but were later overcome by the wicked priest Amulon (I think), while developing a community in the land of Helam. The people cried all day long because the burdens inflicted upon them were so great. They later cried in their hearts because it was made illegal to pray out loud. At first the Lord made their burdens light, where they could not feel them. Then they were released from bondage, and they KNEW that their deliverance came only from the Lord.

I think there is too much sleeping going on (I catch myself sleeping much of the time also).

Do our prayers really make much of a difference when we are asleep?

What counsel does the injunction "Pray and stay awake" have in this matter?

Can our prayers really be effective when we are not "awake to a remembrance of the awful situation of those [meaning ourselves] that have fallen into transgression"?

I am not for praying when I don't see the need to pray. I know this goes against the counsel of the brethren. But I still feel too much at "ease in Zion" I haven't been given the gift of being "awake to the remembrance of my awful situation".

I have home schooled most of my children, and have made huge mistakes, and have seen my children be judged by most of the ward family who participate in the public school system. I have seen my children go away from the church because of these judgments and persecutions. Yet, the irony of it all is that I don't see the need to pray to have the condemnation lifted. I am still asleep. and I am sad.

As I study the scriptures, particularly the Book of Mormon every day, I will pray to have the awakened view of my awful situation impressed upon my remembrance, and then I will pray for the servants to come.

It is interesting that President Benson concludes his talk by saying,

"I testify that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Jesus is the Christ. JOSEPH SMITH IS HIS PROPHET. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Is he saying that we are in the preparatory gospel by not claiming that he is the Lord's prophet? He didn't say that he was his prophet, he said that Joseph was His prophet.

I don't want to leave everyone reading this with a sour note. I promise that I will "sup from the pages of the Book of Mormon daily". I will do what it takes to get the urgency that comes from being "awake to my awful situation".

I am just saying that I want my prayers to be real and not contrived, or said because it is a good idea, or it is what I should be praying for.

Love Monster

NEPT said...

I think there is a heckuva lot about prayer that we can learn if we "sup" on 3 Nephi 19, but one verse that really sticks out to me is twenty-four...

24 And it came to pass that when Jesus had thus prayed unto the Father, he came unto his disciples, and behold, they did still continue, without ceasing, to pray unto him; and they did not multiply many words, for it was given unto them what they should pray, and they were filled with desire.

Although I'm sure you know who "gave unto them what they should pray", a related scripture spells it out neatly for us...

He that asketh in the Spirit asketh according to the will of God (D&C 46:30);

Have you ever wondered why it should be given to us by the Spirit what we should pray? Is it because there are times when our true needs are ambiguous, even clouded by our OWN desires? Revisiting the previous verse from 3 Nephi 19, we are told that the disciples "were filled with desire" as they prayed. It wasn't until they were blessed with the Spirit that the Lord's desires became theirs. Now we understand the following admonition from the Lord much better...

Be not ye therefore like unto [the heathen, who use vain repetitions,]: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.

If Father knows what we need, then I think it is quite reasonable to follow the example of Christ and pray for those things he has instructed. Furthermore, as we do so, the scriptures are plain that the Spirit will dictate how we should pray. Heck, we might just learn something about prophecy, better yet, ourselves, in the whole process!

--I make here the obvious interjection that we must study the word of God in our minds and hearts, lest the same result befall us that did Oliver Cowdery (he took no thought, save it was to ask). But I'm satisfied that most of this group united in prayer has diligently searched in order to understand the state of the kingdom of God on earth and to recognize that the angels are waiting to come down and cleanse the land of Zion.--

In short, if we "want [our] prayers to be real and not contrived," then we should "hearken unto the Spirit which teacheth a man to pray."