Monday, April 5, 2010

Anarchy Coming Soon?

We live in amazing times!

It appears that there are numerous patriot groups and state militias that are pretty fed up with the Fed. For numerous reasons not the least of which is the National HeathCare legistation.

President Obama recently admitted on national media that he pushed it through to avoid the bankruptcy of this nation.

In addition to the recent raid on a Christian Militia Group by the government, the Nesara people keep making wild claims about bringing their agenda to fruition.

Additionally, the Restore America group has sent their packets to the Governors of each state creating such a scare in Nevada that they had a "lock down" at the state capital and the FBI have agents watch things very closely in each state.

On one of the conference calls I listened in on via audio on a chat board they claim the supreme court and the military are backing their efforts. If that is the case, their agenda cannot be trusted! I was shocked to hear them say that although America will be restored in all of its sovereignty and we will all become sovereign citizens again, National ID cards will be issued. What a joke! Sovereign citizens don't need to carry ID cards.

There are many individuals and organized groups that are becoming extremely angry with the government.

All of this reminds me of the unpublished prophecy about how angry men will rise up and destroy the government and the published revelation about those slaves who would marshal themselves against the powers that be.

About a week ago Obama signed an executive order that, among other things will limit how much cash can be taken out of banking accounts. I also prevents the wealthy from transferring their wealth to foreign countries. I understand Argentina passed a similar law just before their currency meltdown…

Of course the wealthy insiders transferred their wealth to other countries long ago.

It appears that the Fed is having an unscheduled emergency meeting today, on April 5th

Which brings me to this interesting little blurb that I saw on a chat board. Of course there is no way to know if there is any truth to it

(Silvergirl Bags probably = Goldman Sachs)

So I just talked a buddy of mine from High School, We're Both back intown for Easter. We bumped into each other in a local Bar.

I'm Now a Private Detective, (Former U.S. Marshal) and he (We'll call him, Oz) Has been working on Wall St since 2002 when he graduated College.

Oz works for a Large Wall St. Company (We'll Call "Silvergirl Bags") Now Oz is by no means a Big Shot at "Silvergirl Bags" but he's also NOT a Mail Boy.

Oz has informed me, that he spent the last 72 hours he was in New York, SHREADING DOC's with about 10 other fellow "Silvergirl Bags" Investors.

Oz has ALSO informed me ALL the big shots are CLEARING OUT OF TOWN FOR AN EXTENDED STAY.

Oz told me he has the feeling, Nay, The Information that over the NEXT 3 weeks, the Economy & Stock Market are going "GROUND FLOOR"

Oz, has told me he plans on going back to New York on Tuesday morning to Clear out his Appt.

Oz has told me "Silvergirl Bags" is and has been INSOLVENT for the past 16 months.

I asked Oz: "How can this be??? You've been making 100,000,000.00 a DAY for over year??"

Oz Responded: "The Money has been LOOTED and EVEN THAT MONEY WAS NOT ENOUGH TO COVER "Silvergirl Bags" Toxic assests.

At this point in our conversation Oz began to Well Up. (Oz had CLEARLY been drinking for quite some time) and then Oz simply up and walked out.

Well, That mu story.....

Update on the OZ story

U.S. charges Goldman with subprime fraud


Spektator said...

There was a story that came out last week about banks playing a 'shell' game with large sums of money. The idea was to pad the books just before reporting quarterly results. I am not a financial type but it sounded like: I will borrow billions from you to make my financial statements look good and will reciprocate when you produce your results.... This could fit with the timing.

Someone who is watching said...


Yes, I saw a similar story. I wish I had kept the link. It told of a similar scenario except that the financial instruments used to make the books look good were actually a type of short term loans.

Apparently such deceptive practices are common on Wall Street, however, in at least one particular case, the short term loans were noted as income, rather than loans, on the books which of course is even considered an extremely illegal practice even on Wall Street..