Sunday, November 22, 2009

President Elect?

It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything on this particular blog site which shows that I am making progress in overcoming my blogging addition.

I never really thought many people would find their way to this site.. the main purpose of creating this blog was to document the doctrine of the three watches online BEFORE the first laborers of the last kingdom returned.

I wanted to provide at least one verifiable, scripturally documented testimony that people could read AFTER the Servants return that had been posted BEFORE they returned… one that could be verifiably dated prior to the return.

Nevertheless, several interesting, articulate and colorful people have found this site and have provided interesting comments and observations and I thank those of you who have contributed.

It is my hope and desire to never post again on this blog until after I have strong reason to believe the Servants have returned.

If the internet is still functioning at that time I may provide some additional posts about my observations about their return and how things are progressing.

I do however want to share a few observations at this time.

I have finally completed part nine of the Morley Farm series. It can be viewed here for those who are interested.

Be warned, it is rather long-winded.

I have also completed the 10th and final part of the Morley Farm series and again, it is somewhat long winded…

Again, for those who have short attention spans, it is long winded.

It addresses how the three eternal laws pertaining to this life and eternity
(mentioned in section 88) might possibly be inter-related to the triumvirates contained in the Godhead, the priesthoods and the New and Everlasting Covenant of Baptism.

It can be viewed here

95% of the last two segments of the Morley Farm series had been done for a long time but I simply become distracted from finishing and posting them for some strange reason.

I was prompted to do so the other day when someone sent me the copy of a post someone had done weeks ago about the laws pertaining to the gospel.

I guess my friend assumed I had not seen the post that he sent me.

I had been aware of it but the supposition was so completely without scriptural merit and common sense that I didn't want to dignify it with a comment at the time.

When the person sent it to me, a few days ago, it reminded me that I have been sitting on the last two Morley Farm posts for a long time and that the last one addresses the three eternal laws of the universe so I felt prompted to review the two last parts of the series, add a few items and post them.

I feel great closure in wrapping up the Morley Farm series.

It has been a blessing in my life. It has answered several questions I have had about the gospel, the oath and covenant of the Father, the three priesthoods and many other things.

I praise the Lord God for blessing me with an increased awareness of what happened at the Morley Farm pertaining to the restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood.

I have grown to love and appreciate Lyman Wight.

By the way, I have since noticed two more interesting things about Lyman Wight that I had not previously included in any posts.

One has to do with his relationship with the Indians.

I found the following in a book I discovered online

"Wight and his lumber company [in Wisconsin] were developing close ties with the local Minominee. Many members of the tribe expressed sympathy toward Wight and his company because of the persecution the mormons had suffered at the hands of the white man. They wept openly upon hearing about the persecution suffered by the Mormons in Ohio and Missouri and felt a kinship that only fellow victims could understand. The chiefs of the tribe even planned a council to discuss the mass conversion of the tribe to the Mormon faith. Wight planned to remove his colony of approximately 150 mormons from the mills near Indian Lands and resettle in Texas. Whether he intended to bring the Menominee tribe with him is unknown. It was certainly an option he considered. Unlike Ohio, Missouri, or Illinois, in this new land there would be no power to interfere with their fraternization with the native Americans."

I thought that was AWESOME! I have no idea Wight had developed such a close relationship with a tribe of Indians and that they had considered doing a mass conversion to Mormonism.

I have often wondered why the Saints had not had more success among the Indians.

I find the following statement from Brigham Young's diary very intriguing,

"Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday April 6,7,8 and 9 (1844) I attended a special Conference in Nauvoo, the stand was occupied by the Presidency, the Twelve and others, among whom were eleven Lamanite chiefs and braves it was estimated there were about 20,000 persons present, the conference was addressed by Presidents Joseph, Hyrum and Sidney, myself and Elders H. C. Kimball, John Taylor, and A. Lyman. The prophet declared that all North and South America was the land of Zion. At the close of the conference 344 Elders volunteered to go on missions."

I am pretty sure that the History of the Church contains a blurb about the presence of 11 or 12 indian chiefs and braves sitting on the stand at one of the largest general conferences ever held in Nauvoo.

What is with that?

Why were they there?

Did something happen with the Lamanite nations that we have never been told?

Was there an interbreeding agreement that took place to make the Lamanites a white and delightsome people as per the unpublished Lamanite revelation that I have mentioned in previous posts?

The other thing I wanted to share about Lyman Wight is what the Lord says about him in section 124. It is as follows

Lyman Wight- "…it is my will that Lyman Wight should continue in preaching for Zion, in the spirit of meekness, confessing me before the world and I will bear him up as on eagles wings and he shall beget glory and honor to himself and unto my name that when he shall finish his work I may receive him unto myself, even as I did my servant David Patten, who is with me at this time, and also my servant Edward Partidge, and also my aged servant Joseph Smith Sen., who sitteth with Abraham at his right hand, and blessed and holy is he, for he is mine.


How would you like to have the Lord fortell that you will beget glory and honor once your work is finished!

How would you like to have the Lord state in a published revelation that you are blessed and holy and that you belong to him!

Would that be an incredible confirmation of what has been in your heart?

Would it not be an incredible confirmation that your offering will ultimately be acceptable to him?

About 15 years ago when I was trying to better understand the various players in the history of the church and who took a stand in the succession controversy I realized that section 124 mentions a very large number of the leading brethren of the church.

I also noticed that God was actually using section 124, not only to warn the Saints about the loss of the fulness of the priesthood and give them an ultimatum about the completion of the temple and to prophesy about the President Elect, and to give assignments to various elders, but to also publicly share his feelings and his discernment about the character of many of the leading brethren.

I noticed that in some cases the Lord made very positive, unconditional declarations about the character of some of the elders and the eternal rewards they would receive... yet, at the same time he made conditional promises and warnings and observations about others.

I realized that among other things, section 124 was somewhat of a group "patriarchal blessing" that was exposing the lives and character of several leading individuals.

I actually took the time to create a list of what the Lord said about each of these particular people…

I created a listing of those the Lord was pleased with as well as a listing of those that seemed to be given conditional promises and admonitions and warnings

It became apparent to me that some of these brethren had already proven themselves to the Lord while others were still being weighed in the balance.

Of course, as I have stated before, I firmly believe that God has all time, past present and future before him, and he has infinite foreknowledge.. therefore, the remarks and prophesies he made about many of these brethren were all the more significant to me.

The fact that he made this information known in a published revelation indicated to me that he wanted those of us that are watching to pay close attention to how he felt about various individuals.

Lyman Wight was not the only one that had proven himself to the Lord by 1841.

Notice what the Lord says about Robert Thompson

Robert B. Thompson- "let my servant Robert B Thompson help you write this proclamation, for I am well pleased with him…"

Up until section 124 there are very few revelations in the D&C where the Lord tells someone he is pleased with them. It is more common, as I recall, when the Lord tells someone he is not very pleased with them.

Imagine how you would feel if you were Robert Thompson!

Now look at what the Lord has to say about George Miller

George Miller "George Miller is without guile; he may be trusted because of the integrity of his heart; and for the love which he has to my testimony I, the Lord Love him… let know man despise my servant George Miller, for he shall honor me"

Now that is a pretty good character reference when the Lord God of Israel states that you can be trusted because of the integrity of your heart!

George Miller did honor the Lord to the best of his ability during those trying times.

I believe George Miller is going to honor the Lord in the 3rd watch as well!

Any way, as I was saying, I created a chart with three columns. One column listed those that God was categorically happy with and said nice things about and prophecied positive things about. The next column listed those that were obviously questionable in the eyes of the Lord… the third column listed those that were simply given assignments with no commentary on there character or how they had performed.

I then analyzed those in the various columns to see which ones initially sustained Brigham Young and embraced polygamy and went to Utah vs those who didn't.

I was shocked and dumbfounded at the results.

I was shocked to see what the Lord said about some who are now considered to be the greatest apostates of LDS church history.

I believe some of them are going to return in the service of the Lord.

I was shocked to see what the Lord said and didn't say about some who … well... anyway, it was an interesting exercise that forced me to better appreciate that Gods ways are not our ways and that God is a better judge of character than the sanitized history of the Church.

But that is a topic for another time.

I now want to share a few observations about the President Elect Prophecy contained in section 124.

I went way out on a limb last year stating that I felt the President Elect Prophecy had to do with Obama and the elections held last year.

As the time of the inauguration came and went without anything significant happening I was greatly disappointed and yet I still could not let go of my feelings about it.

It simply did and does not feel right that the prophecy pertains to the next election… in fact I am not convinced there will be another election.

So.. anyway, the other day I was watching the following video because I find Dr. Manning to be immensely humorous and entertaining and very much inspired on some issues.

View his entertaining birth certificate message here

As a point of interest

He got a visit from the feds as a result of that video and had a few things to say about it which can be viewed here.

Anyway, as you know, there have been multiple lawsuits filed challenging the legitimacy of the Obama Presidency based on the fact that he was not born in America.

While I was out jogging the other day the thought hit me like a ton of bricks,

"The constitution prevents Obama from being the legal President of the United States because he was not born in America.. therefore our nation is being led by the President Elect!"

I ran home to check some definitions again-

According to Wikipedia "A president-elect is a political candidate who has been elected
president but who has not yet been [legally] sworn in, or [legally] officially taken office…"

According to Wikipedia "the President-elect of the United States is the title used for an incoming President of the United States in the liminal period between the general election on Election Day in November and noon eastern standard time on Inauguration Day, January 20, during which he is not in office yet. The title is used for the apparent winner…"

It seems to me that Obama was the apparent winner of the election according the vote of the people and is therefore the legal President Elect.

He is not however the legal president.

Hence, we have an unusual political anomaly wherein our presiding leader is still the President elect!

That, my friends puts an even greater significance on the wording used in the prophecy in section 124!

It also means that the prophecy can be fulfilled anytime between now and the next election.


According to the 1828 Websters, the very first definition of "honorable" means, "Holding a distinguished rank in society; illustrious or noble."

I find it fascinating that the term does not necessarily mean the person is an honorable person in the moral sense of the word, but rather it can simply have reference to the rank or political position a person has, such as that of a Senator or a President Elect.

I am going to suggest that even though the constitution prohibits Obama from legally serving as the president of the United States, he is, nevertheless, the legal and lawful President Elect!

Normally the title President Elect is dropped once the inauguration takes place however we have a very unusual situation where the swearing in did not legally take place and the legal assumption of the office was precluded by the constitution.

What we have is an anomaly wherein the previous legally elected president has left office and the President elect is officiating in that office of President, not as the legal President of the United States but rather as the President Elect even though he is not the legal President!

This unusual turn of events makes it possible for Obama to continue being the President Elect after the appointed date of inauguration AND until the issue is resolved in the courts or a revolution or some other event displaces him, it enables him to exercise the authority normally given to the legal President of the United States.

So.. as far as I am concerned, the prophecy contained in section 124 can and probably will still be fulfilled sometime between now and 2012.

Of course, I would be tickled to death if it were to take place before April 6th but we'll just have to wait and see...

Keep Watching


CaliMom said...

This post was sure fun to read! I came to the exact same conclusion you just did after recently seeing your original posting about the president elect prophesy. Since I did read it after President Obama had already taken office, I figured that all the fuss about his "legitimacy" would come into play - meaning that Pres. O is actually President Elect O for another 3 years or so!

P.S. I'm one of those "silent" readers you mention from time to time. I've digested most of your blog in the last few weeks (boy, I'm sleep deprived - can only read after I put all the kids to bed!) I just wanted to thank you for your fascinating insights. I have a few questions that are driving me crazy, but I'm not sure if you've posted your email. Can you direct me to it if you have. Thanks.

Someone who is watching said...

Great to hear from you CaliMom

I love how you had already arrived at the same conclusion referring to the President Elect.

I suspect it had already occurred to several others before this post as well.

Sometimes I am a little slow on the uptake.

Thank you for visiting.


PS I can currently be contacted at

NEPT said...

My favorite part of this post, Watcher, was that the thought came to you while you were jogging, LOL! Brilliant, I often have poignant thoughts while running too. Take this one for instance...

While preparing some comments about gratitude, I was reading in Luke 17 about the ten lepers. But I got ahead of myself and began reading verses 20-24:

20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them, and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation;

21 Neither shall they say, Lo, here! or, Lo, there! For, behold, the kingdom of God has already come unto you.

22 And he said unto his disciples, The days will come, when they will desire to see one of the days of the Son of Man, and they shall not see it.

23 And if they shall say to you, See here! or, See there! Go not after them, nor follow them.

24 For as the light of the morning, that shineth out of the one part under heaven, and lighteneth to the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of Man be in his day.

I just stuck the verses in the back of my brain until later use, which happened to be this afternoon while running a few miles. As I was reciting the verses in my head, I suddenly got a bit scared! Because I really do desire to see one of the days of the Son of Man, but will I see it? Has the kingdom already come and I've just missed it?? Or have I left it??

At times I entertain the delusion that the servants will make it all too obvious that the kingdom has come; on the other hand, I realize that it won't be that easy. However, I find solace in the fact that you're still posting, Watcher, which means you're still at home! If you haven't up and left just yet, then I suppose I'm not late after all. Just do me a favor and give me a heads-up so I don't get left behind, LOL!

Someone who is watching said...


You bring up an interesting question... just how much exposure will the Servants get and how obvious will it be when the time comes for the kingdom to begin rolling forth?

I agree that the world in general will not see the kingdom coming initially.. or at least they will not recognize it for what it is.

Perhaps nobody will.

When the great light lit up the skies of Utah a while back ( ) it reminded me of one of the signs associated with the return of the Servants,

" And when the times of the Gentiles is come in, a light shall break forth among them that sit in darkness, and it shall be the fulness of my gospel;

But they receive it not; for they perceive not the light, and they turn their hearts from me because of the precepts of men."

It got me thinking, will there be a physical light of some kind accompanying the arrival of the light of the gospel kingdom or is it just figurative?

I am so curious to know how it will transpire.. and hopeful that I don't miss it...

Which is, why we must vigilantly keep watching.

I hope you will give me a "heads-up" if you see it before me!

NEPT said...

Very cool about the meteorite (or whatever it may be). I hadn't heard anything about it until your reference. Thanks, Watcher!

Someone who is watching said...

I am not 100% convinced that anyone knows for sure exactly what it was.. although I suppose the most plausible theory would be a meteorite.

Here is another speculation that has been postulated

cds said...

Watcher, can't get on your other blog without a sign on? Something changed? Do you need to give us a password or something?

Someone who is watching said...

I hope to be making public access available again sometime in the future or perhaps making passwords available.


CaliMom said...

I'd like to see your other password protected blog too. I'm hoping that since I've read all your "public" blogs, I'm could be considered qualified for a password! :)

Someone who is watching said...

Dear CDS, CaliMom and anyone one else interested in reviewing my other blog-

I have not given a password out to anyone. I don't even know how to activate the password feature provided in the privacy settings.

There are two reasons why I have temporarily blocked the other blog site.

One is that I feel that many of the articles on it that deal with deep doctrine take the attention of my small readership (and my self) away from the most important and timely event that is rapidly approaching, which is the beginning of the Marvelous Work (3rd watch).

Secondly, I feel that I may have gotten a little ahead of myself in publishing some of the articles... or at least that some of them may not be appropriate at this time in a public forum.

Please don't think that there is a limited group of people who have access to that blog, while others are excluded. That is not the case.

Nobody is viewing the blog at this time.

I am currently reviewing the content of this blog to delete or transfer posts that are off topic to the other blog.

When I get done with that project, I'll decide what to do with the other blog site.

I thank you for your interest and consideration.