Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Spirit of Invention

For those of you interested in the divine timeline of the earth, I have posted an article about it on the LDSAnarchy blogsite.

For those of you who love reading about interesting inventions and alternative energy, there is also an interesting article at the same site on plasma rods.

I have always been interested in inventors and inventions. In my opinion, Tesla was one of the greatest minds of modern times.

When I was a newlywed living down on 8th east in Salt Lake City I remember walking into the clerks office to pay my tithing and striking up a conversation with the ward clerk… his name was Harold Noffsinger… he was an elderly fellow who loved to hear himself talk.

At the time I was working for a medical technology company. As he and I began talking I could tell he loved talking about technology so I began sharing some things I found interesting that I had recently learned. Before long, we began talking about the science behind the creation of the earth and Harold said,

“the creation of all things is based on mathematics. All thing are based on mathematics.. mathematics are the building blocks of creation.”

I have always thought that was a great observation. .. after solving all of the problems of the world in about 30 minutes he began sharing with me his passion for physics, science and for the process of inventing things.

It turns out that he had about 19 patents, he had participated in the development of artificial diamond research at the U of U and he was the inventor of the microfilm technology that the LDS Church was using in their genealogical department.

Over the years, as I got to know him better he confided in me that he had personally worked with the late Henry Moray and that he was in the process of growing a crystal that would enable him to duplicate the mysterious energy machine that Moray had created.

Unfortunately Harold also died before accomplishing his goal.

Moray was an LDS fundamentalist inventor that was cut out of the same cloth as Tesla… although he is not well known like Tesla.

I still recall the picture of Moray doing a scientific demonstration in front of several noted scientists at the U of U which included my cousin, Dr. Henry Eyring (the Father of President Eyring) in which he powered numerous light bulbs using a machine that had no electrical plugs.. it was pulling electricity out of the air.

All of the skeptical scientists were baffled at what they saw… and really pissed off when he refused to reveal to them how his apparatus worked. He, like many of the great minds was branded as a charlatan and a deceiver by the established powers that be. ( His son John who, according to Harold, never comprehended what his father was doing is selling a dvd about his fathers work)

Moray was very eccentric and paranoid. He drove around in a Cadillac with bullet proof windows… he was just sure that the Russians were out to steal his secrets.

Moray’s inventions are too numerous to mention but a fascinating book was written about his work with radiant energy, a term Moray used to describe that source of energy coming from the cosmos to earth and radiating from the earth back from whence it came.

There is a book about Moray and radiant energy called “The Sea of Energy”.

I love reading about new inventions and about alternate forms of energy.

I have recently been observing many of the videos of Dr Leonard Horowitz.

He has videos and interesting things to say on a wide range of topics.

In this 6 part video he speaks about the musical mathematical matrix and how it interrelates with water and divine frequency vibration. He is putting together a living water concert on June 22 of 09 which is a very significant date.

Although I don’t think he is going to bring about the change that I am watching for, he has some incredible concepts and he seems to have keyed into a significant date.
Yes, this guy is a heretic… I guess that is why I love listening to his research and his world view. I was pleased to find that he mentions the Marko Rodins vortex based mathematics.


Fabledsog said...

I remember the Tesla Coil from C&C Red Alert. That thing had so much energy, like a man made lighting bolt. Who says you cant learn from video games. Developers implement science and technology for realism, easier for me to learn anyways. Oh btw OWIW, i have a plausible reason that 2033 is a likely year in divine timeline. Sent it via email, since well Im sure you will understand.

Younger Dude said...

I loved those tesla coils! Good times. That game was my first true love - lol. Haven't thought about that game for a while now.

That Marko Rodin dude was an interesting watch. I didn't understand much of what he said. Something about sacred geometry and poisonous cucumber wax - haha he was all over the place.

TruthSeekerToo said...

Sacred geometry and poisonous cucumber wax? Now I have to go watch it!

LOL This stuff is all sorts of cool, but I'm pretty sure I'm out of my league.

Younger Dude said...

Lol yeah, I don't think anyone is in his league. You and I can just chill in the peanut gallery and laugh about how hairy the man is.

Derek Worthington said...

John Moray is nice, but he seems like he really loves the money, sad, not much like his dad. I don't think.

Good luck, on your Journey for Knowledge.