Wednesday, August 27, 2008

#13 "..a stone was cut out without hands, it shall smite the shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms..."

As one studies the Marvelous Work in prophecy it becomes obvious that it is during the Marvelous Work that the Stone that Daniel speaks about rolls forth to consume the worldly kingdoms of Babylon.

For this reason it is not surprising that it is often taught by well meaning LDS members that the stone began rolling forth in 1830 when the church of Christ was restored to the earth.

However, a close analysis of Daniel 9 reveals that even though the kingdom was set up on the earth, during the LDS Foundation Movement, it does not roll forth crushing the worldly kingdoms of the earth until a later time... in fact, the first thing the kingdom of God does before it begins rolling forth is to "smite the image upon the feet" and " brake them to pieces".

Obviously, the Kingdom of God did not smite the image on the feet and go forth breaking the kingdoms of the world in pieces back in the 1830's, indeed, the kingdoms of the world have continued to grow and become bigger and even more evil during the last 180 years! (See also section 103:6-8)

Apparently the Prophet Joseph Smith agreed with the account contained in Daniel chapter 9. Many years after the restoration of the Church in 1830, after the Saints gathered to Nauvoo, he made the following statement:

"...I calculate to be one of the ones to bring forth the kingdom that Daniel saw." (HC6:365)

As you can see, when Joseph got to Nauvoo, he clearly viewed the coming forth of the Kingdom of God in power, as a future even.

Many of the other leaders of the Church have agreed with Joseph Smith and taught that the Stone would not begin rolling forth in power until a future time. These leaders include Brigham Young, John Taylor and Orson Pratt. (JD 2:310, 316; 5:329-30 6:343-6; 7:211-18; 9:339-40; 11:26, 275-278)

Clearly the prophecy about the stone rolling forth in Daniel 9 and the testimony of Joseph Smith and many of his associates provide yet another witness that the Marvelous Work and a Wonder and the rolling forth of the Kingdom of God are a distinct and future event from the foundation movement in which the re-restablishment of the New Testament church took place in 1830.


Malachi said...

This is so powerful if you believe in the scriptures and the omniscience of God and his word he has given us.

The Marvelous Work is a future event that will rock the world. It will bring the nations down. It will exalt the righteous and condemn the wicked.

Anonymous said...

FWIW. this prophecy is DAN chp 2