Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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BP Gulf of Mexico 2010 Oil-rig explosion catastrophic implications

It has become a city full of horror stories since violent tornadoes attacked Joplin, Missouri but two of these tales involving top secrets have caught the eye of a deep political analyst in Europe who stated today that the city's new 'Top secret morgue tale' and its secretive 'Tornado victims dying from an aggressive fungus' tale might both be linked to BP's 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil "spill."

It stands to reason that there is a strong possibility that these Joplin horror scenes are related to the Gulf operation that began with the BP oil-rig explosion April 20, 2010.

"Consider the very strong possibility that the Oil/Corexit/GM micro-biology is now being deposited throughout the Eastern USA as a result of evaporation from the Gulf of Mexico," stated former top oil executive turned top Gulf oil whistleblower Ian Crane today.

Crane adds that there could be "catastrophic implications."

When news reporters tried visiting the morgue in Joplin, Missouri, police prevented them and ordered cameras be placed in the back of the reporters' vehicle. MOXNews and CNN have covered this story. (See Youtube: "Secret Morgue in Joplin...WTH?) The reporters have been criticized for exploiting the Joplin story and for lack of respect for the deceased and families.

A health warning was issued last week in Joplin about an aggressive fungus killing tornado victims who were wounded. Some patients have had amputations to try to save them from the aggressive, rapidly spreading infection. (See: "Secret killer fungus strikes tornado victims: 3 deaths, untold others," Dupré, D., Examiner, June 10,2011)

Crane has evidenced that the Gulf of Mexico operation was a planned event and has repeatedly stated at lectures and in interviews that the Gulf operation is a depopulation event.

"The Gulf operation exhibits each hallmark of a contrived event and "will have long-lasting and far-reaching impact on lives of up to hundreds of millions of people," Crane has stated.

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Anthony E. Larson said...

Stop with the doomsday stuff already. Didn't the failure of past predictions make an impression?

Someone who is watching said...


This is an artlicle I personally found interesting.

I am sorry it does not interest you.

I don't recall making any hard and fast predictions in the past aside from that fact that the Marvelous Work did not begin in 1830 and that it is going to begin sometime in the future.

I have always speculated that we entered general seven year period of judgment beginning somewhere close to the year 2007.

I have been hopeful that the last great work will begin sometime during the seven year period that we are in, instead of at the end of it, and, in the spirit of watching, I always get excited about the major prophetic times of the year.. every year.

It is a way of life.

I am always speculating about possible dates that the marvelous work could begin.

I don't find anything wrong with that.

In fact, I am hopeful about next September.

If it does not happen then, I will look forward to the following April with anticipation.

If it does not happen then, I will look forward to the following September.

And of course, there are lots of possibilities between those months.

I get a kick out of people like you who are angry with me for speaking of doom and of my anticipation of future prophetic events, and yet, you keep visiting my sites to see what I am going to say.

What brings you here?

Are you expecting me to give a recap of last weeks gospel doctrine lesson?


HappySeeker said...


Can you tell me where I can find online unpublished or non canonized revelation Joseph recieved?

HappySeeker said...


Can you tell me where online I can find the unpublished or non canonized revelations Joseph Smith received?

Someone who is watching said...


I purchased a book by Coliers Publishing from Sam Wellers Books.

I did not think these revelations were available online however, since you asked, I did a quick check and by darn it appears that they may be available online.

Try these sites