Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"and another book was opened which is the book of life..."

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am working on a tribute to Sidney Rigdon

Between business and working on my Sidney Rigdon Tribute, I have pretty much neglected blogging for a while.

I do want to share a thought today however that I have been having lately. It has to do with the “power” associated with “written documents”.

I believe there is a literal power associated with certain things that are put in writing.

This is talked about in modern revelation in various places as well as ancient scriptures. One of them is section 128. I suggest you read section 128 with this specific topic in mind.. the importance of recording things that take place on earth and in heaven in written form.

There is a power associated with documenting events, feeling and agreements in written form.

Why for instance is it so important for witnesses to document and certify in writing that various ordinances of salvation took place? Don’t the angels watch and verify? Why is it necessary for there to be a Book of Life written in heaven, doesn’t God observe and know all things, etc?

One of the things that brought this topic to my mind is illustrated in the life of one of my heroes, Sidney Rigdon.

If you are not familiar with this particular story, I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag so I am only going to tell you the last part of the story, not the first part of the story… that way, you might look forward to the post I will be doing about Rigdon.

The first part of the story has to do with the fact that Sidney committed a very grievous sin after he joined the Church.

He lied in the name of the Lord.

I am not going to give you the details of what he lied about but I am going to share with you what happened to him when he lied. Here is part of the account-

Smith took Rigdon’s license from him and said, The Devil would handle him as one man handles another- the less authority he had the better.” Joseph then appointed council to try Sidney for “having lied in the name of the Lord”. In this counsel Joseph told him that he must suffer for what he had done and that he must be turned over to the buffetings of Satan.”

One account reported that “the devil did handle him by pulling him out of bed and other rough methods.” Another account stated that: “ Sidney was lying on his bed alone. An unseen power lifted him from his bed, threw him across the room, and tossed him from one side of the room to the other. The noise being heard on the adjoining room, his family went in to see what was the matter, and found him going for one side of the room to the other, from the effects of which Sidney was laid up for five or six weeks.”

That is an amazing account of how someone can be turned over to the buffetings of Satan.

When the higher priesthood is on the earth, events like this are common. Satan is given more power over those who have more priesthood power if they transgress.. the higher light one has, the greater the condemnation if they sin..

One of the things that I find amazing about that account is that Joseph told Sidney that the less [priesthood] authority he had, the less old scratch would be able to kick the crap out of him and so he took his ministerial license.

I think the significance of this is greater than the fact that Sidney would not be able to show his license to people, so that they would allow him to preach to their congregations, etc.

I think the significance of this is deeper; it is a spiritual, metaphysical thing. That license actually had power associated with it.

I believe there is actually a literal power.. a vibratory frequency if you will, to written documents. They take on a spiritual power of their own based on the communication and meaning of the words.

About a year ago I had a pressing need. It was a temporal problem. One that I felt overwhelmed about. I could not find a solution to it within my power.

I meditated on it and prayed about it to know what the Lord would want from me in return for solving this particular problem.

After determining what I felt the Lord would require of me, I wrote down the agreement between the Lord and myself. I actually wrote it down physically on a piece of paper and put it in my safe. (Something I don’t usually do)

I frankly didn’t see anyway God could solve my problem because I was not aware of any thing in foreseeable future that could possibly solve that problem.

Yet a few weeks ago, to my surprise, something materialized the solved the problem I had covenanted with the Lord to fix..

frankly, I had almost forgotten about the written document… I had complied with the terms written on the document, but I had forgotten that I had put it in writing.

Of course, I was hoping the problem would be solved much faster than it was, but Gods timing often differs from our... besides, I think there needed to be a significant amount of time for me to show forth good faith pertaining to my part of the agreement..

Did the written document have anything to do with the fulfillment of the agreement and the solving of the problem?

I rather suspect so.


KnowledgeSeeker said...

Thank you so much for writing this. The Lord used you to answer me.

Not entirely put together said...

I'm sorry to comment on this post with an unrelated inquiry, but I was wondering if you could tell me, Watching, how to access some of the scriptural source materials you frequently mention, e.g. JST Old/New Testaments, original D&C (BOC) transcripts, etc. Could you do me the favor of listing those materials you most often consider?

Someone who is watching said...


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"I'm sorry to comment on this post with an unrelated inquiry, but I was wondering if you could tell me, Watching, how to access some of the scriptural source materials you frequently mention, e.g. JST Old/New Testaments, original D&C (BOC) transcripts, etc. Could you do me the favor of listing those materials you most often consider?

If I am understanding you… It sounds like two questions… what are my favorite resources and where to find them..

You just reminded me of something I wanted to blog about and since I have ADHD, I am going to answer a question you didn’t ask first…

namely, how do I choose what to quote from.

I love reading all sorts of ancient and apocryphal texts as well as various historical documents and therefore it is very tempting to quote from them from time to time.

As a general rule, with very few exceptions, I will never quote from anything outside of the four standard works UNLESS I can first substantiate the doctrine in the standard works. I really try to hold my feet to the fire on this.

This way I can only use these resources as a second or third witness.

I try to never introduce a unique doctrine from a questionable source if the doctrine cannot be documented in the standard works.

Example: some time ago I was writing a paper and I found in the dead sea scrolls where the Lord is angry with his people in the last days and they don’t know it.

I had not problem using that in a paper I was writing because I felt it is easy to back up in scripture and I did back it up in scripture.

Ok.. now that I have answered a question you didn’t want to know- on to the ones you did.

My first and favorite resource is the four standard works hard copy, LDS edition, from Deseret Book just like yours…

that I have all marked up with colors notes to myself, jelly stains from while I am eating breakfast, grease stains from when I dropped it out on the street, etc.

I love to mark up my scriptures intentionally and otherwise because I am in pre-Alzheimer’s and markings and colors help me find scriptures I am looking for. For instance a certain scripture I need to find I can see in my mind that it is just under a red raspberry jam stain in the upper left corner of a page in 2nd Nephi 28, etc.

Secondly I love the online word cruncher at I have purchased numerous LDS software programs over the years which are much better than the LDS online resource but I seem to go through computers faster than I want to find the old cds or purchase new programs.. besides I get personal satisfaction in using the word cruncher provided by the Church for personal, petty reasons.

I have probably done thousands of key word and key phrase searches in the four standard works.. I am addicted to word searches… it provides one of the best resources of deep searching by topic that I have found.

When you use the LDS word cruncher be sure to use the drop down menu to include the JST.

Unlike most LDS people, my favorite scriptures are the D&C because they pertain to our generation more than any of the others and I finally understand how to read them without wondering why none of the promises ever came to pass with regard to promises to individuals.

But I love all of them.. the JST and BofM and PoGP are in a three way tie for second place.

From there the list is long and luckily, since I am not home and cannot look at my bookshelf, I can make a partial list for you this list pretty quickly.. just to give you an idea, off the top of my noggin-

Lectures on faith (which was originally part of the Book of Commandments and is for all intents and purposes scripture)
The Nauvoo Discourses
Words of Joseph Smith
History of the Church
Dead Sea Scrolls
Naghamadi (I feel sorry for anyone that can only spell a word one way)
Teachings of the Jew
Unpublished Revelations
The original Book of Commandments
The Original Book of Mormon
Joseph Smiths Kirtland
Hard Copy of JST since the Church scriptures don’t contain all of the changes
Strongs concordance
1828 Websters Dictionary… (cannot study the D&C with out it)
Anything from quin
Last days by Gileadi
McConkie Doctrine oops… Mormon Doctrine
Frankly the internet is an incredible resource
Dead Sea Scrolls uncovered
The six volume historical development of the D&C that I have blogged about.
Anything from anti mormons like Lighthouse Ministries, Van Wagoner, (anti mormons actually come up with some of the most faith promoting stuff! They dig up the stuff that the people in high places feel threatened by yet if you have a strong doctrinal foundation it is really wonderful stuff that helps you to connect the dots of what was really happening in Church history, deeer doctrine etc.
Etc. etc.

Lastly, 90% of the stuff is now on on the internet if you know how to key word search and cut through the junk..

also I visit the church historical library from time to time for obscure info...

Thanks for visiting

Not entirely put together said...

Wonderful! Thank you.