Monday, October 27, 2008

#48 "And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, LAST OF ALL, which WE give of him: That he lives! "

Section 76 has also been referred to as "The Vision" in the early days of the church. It is one of the most remarkable spiritual endowments that took place during the Kirtland Era of the Church.

February 16, 1832, Hiram, Ohio. Philo Dibble called at the John Johnson home, knowing that the Prophet Joseph Smith was living there with his family. He was directed to an upper room where Joseph, Sidney Rigdon, and several other men were seated. Joseph and Sidney seemed surrounded in magnificent glory, and a sense of power filled the room. Joseph appeared to be dressed in white, though in fact he wore a black suit. Dibble watched for more than an hour. Joseph would say, “What do I see?” and describe what he was seeing. Sidney would reply, “I see the same.” Then Sidney would make a similar statement, and Joseph would reply “I see the same.”

When the vision closed, Joseph sat erect and calm, “but Sidney sat limp and pale, apparently as limber as a rag, observing which Joseph remarked, smilingly, ‘Sidney is not used to it as I am.’” Joseph and Sidney stayed up late into the night transcribing a portion of the vision, and their impressions, which became Section 76 of the Doctrine and Covenants." (

During this vision both Joseph and Sidney saw the Lord and were inspired to bear the following testimony to the world:

"And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, LAST OF
ALL, which WE give of him: That he lives! For WE saw him, even on the right hand of God; and we heard the voice bearing record that he is the Only Begotten of the Father—" (D&C 76:22)

Have you ever wondered why God wanted two people to bear that testimony to the World?

Have you ever wondered why God Chose Sidney Rigdon to share this vision and this last testimony with Joseph instead of Oliver Cowdery?

Oliver Cowdery knelt down next to Joseph to receive the Priesthood from heavenly messengers at the beginning of the restoration of the Church and he knelt down next to Joseph Smith in the Kirtland Temple and saw a vision of Christ God and three other ministering angels about six years after getting the priesthood with Joseph from John the Baptist.

So wouldn't he be the logical person to share in the Vision and the Testimony with Brother Joseph?

For that matter, why didn't the Lord choose Brigham Young to share that testimony to the world with Joseph Smith... or anyone of numerous other individuals that played prominent roles in the restoration movement?

I Believe these are questions worth pondering.

But here is the $64 question. Why did Joseph and Sidney state, under the influence of the Spirit, that their testimony was the last testimony of all testimonies?

That doesn't seem accurate does it? After all, look at all of the presidents of the Church that have born testimony over the last 176 years since that vision took place that Christ lives and that he is the only begotten of the Father...

I know what some of you are probably thinking and you are right. Those testimonies don't count in the same sense that Joseph and Sidney's did because there has never been aother President of the Church that has publicly declared that he has personally seen Jesus Christ.

But did you realize that there were about 7 to 9 other people that saw Christ during the Kirtland Era?

Most of these people saw Christ after the vision and the testimony that is stated in section 76.

Zebedee Coltrin was one of several people who also saw Jesus Christ and bore testimony of it. His vision took place a year after section 76 was given.

And as mentioned above, Oliver Cowdery also had a joint vision of Christ with Joseph Smith four years after Joseph and Sidney did.

The simple fact of the matter is, as I have pointed out in previous posts, Joseph Smith will return in his 2nd Commission during the 3rd Watch to finish his mission and to bear that exact same testimony, or, in other words, testify that his original testimony given during the 2nd watch is true.

The testimony given in section 76 is the last testimony.

And guess what... Sidney will return also and once again bear that same testimony with Joseph Smith.

"In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established..." (2nd Cor 13)

The testimony in section 76 provides evidence #48 that there is going to be a second commission in the 3rd Watch so that Joseph and Sidney will be able to provide the very last warning and the last testimony to the world.

Sidney Ridgon is one of the greatest prophets that ever lived. At the time of the restoration of the Church, I believe he is second only to Joseph Smith as far as how prominent a role the Lord wanted him to play in the restoration movement, with the possible exception of Oliver Cowdery who I think is probably a very close third. (there is one other individual that ranks very high... one that we will discuss sometime in the future)

I am currently preparing a little tribute to Sidney Ridgon that I hope to publish on this blog or perhaps at ldsanarchy within the next month or so.

In it I am going to reveal some things about brother Sidney that may surprise you. I am going to quote from some documents that were suppressed by people in high places for a long time. I am also going to make public, another historical document that has been suppressed and kept locked up to prevent public scrutiny... to my knowledge it has never been made public. What I am going to reveal might be a little controversial, but I feel the time has come to do it.

Check back if you have a warm spot in your heart for Brother Sidney and you want to understand his past and future role a little better.


Shane said...

I was wondering if any Prophet since Joseph Smith has said they have seen Christ.

Someone who is watching said...

As mentioned in the article, I am not aware of any of the presidents of the Church who have publicly declared that they have seen Christ.

However, there have been some Saints such as Zebedee Coltrin who did testify that they saw Christ after the Vision known as section 76.

If you are asking if there were any prophets that saw Christ after the death of Joseph Smith, I personally doubt it, although I am sure there have been people who have claimed to see Christ.

Not entirely put together said...

I recall hearing from a member of the Salt Lake temple presidency that Lorenzo Snow claimed to have seen Christ in the Salt Lake temple after contemplating and praying about succeeding President Woodruff. Not sure if it's folklore.

Someone who is watching said...

According to the pattern set in the scriptures, true prophets are REQUIRED to publicly and boldly testify when they have seen God.

I have read the account you refer to and... well...

According to the pattern set in the scriptures, true prophets are REQUIRED to publicly and boldly testify when they have seen God.